League of Evil Review

Note: Video is a little out of date, it has 132 levels as of this blog post.

The list of great iOS platformers is incredibly small. Most suffer from lame controls, a horrendous lag, or a  failed gimmick. The few greats are generally endless running games where you can’t control how fast or in what direction you run (Monster Dash, Canabalt, etc.). Some secede with their gimmick (Bounce On, etc.), but many don’t.

League of Evil is perfect. It’s everything you could want in a platformer. Easy to use controls, hilariously fast response time (seriously, it’s amazing), a funny story, an awesome 8bit style, a very large amount of content, and excellent level design that’ll kick your butt (but never until it hurts). It has created a flawless formula that works incredibly well as a iOS title, speed, control, and character placement on your screen (your fingers are never in the way). I am not sure how it manages to succeed where every other game has failed, but it destroys at what it does.

Gameplay involves 4 buttons. A left, a right, a jump, and a punch. Your character has to navigate complicated paths through turrets, gunmen, and boatloads of spikes. You have to double jump, wall jump, and punch your way through each level to reach the evil scientist at the end and sock it to em. This seemingly easy task isn’t easy. It’s super duper hard, but it’s never impossible. Every time you lose you just play the level again. You can do this because there are no lifes and the levels are fairly short. There are usually a few paths to complete a level, an optional suitcase to collect (which doesn’t give you a bonus, it just makes you feel awesome for collecting it), and a clock to try to beat your fastest time (you try to get a 3 star time as you play). This all adds up to a incredibly addicting combo.

If fantastic gameplay isn’t enough for you, the game has a great amount of content. With 132 fantastically hard levels that take anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 minutes (if you have to replay it over and over), you won’t run out for a long, long time. Not to mention that more free levels may be on the way.

I would recommend League of Evil to any platformer fan or non-believer of the iPhone’s ability to play great platformers. Also, did I mention this fantastic game is only $.99? I love the App Store. Even with the low price, if you’re still unsure, you can download the lite version or play 40 different levels on your computer here (the computer controls aren’t quite as epic, but just click the link and try it).

Gameplay: 10
Quality: 9
Value: 10
Sound: 9
Controls: 9

Overall: 9.5 (Get it NOW)


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