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Game Dev Story iOS Review

October 3, 2011

Pros: Practically flawless. My current favorite iOS game. Too addictive. Fantastic retro graphics and sound. Loads of replay value.

Cons: Missed opportunity for more creativity options (Yep, that’s all I can think of).

Comments: There is something so amazingly addictive about running an incredibly successful virtual game developer. Hiring and firing parodies of real people (I’ve had Stephen Jobsen, Shegeto Minamoto, Gilly Bates, and Walt Sidney as employees) is a feeling of content. I’ve played Game Dev Story to completion (a task that takes a couple of weeks) a good 5 times. I’ve played from periods of anywhere from a couple seconds to a couple hours at a time. It may be a $4 game, but there is play value here worth far more.

Graphics: 9 (excellent retro style that would feel right at home on your old Nintendo)

Sound: 10 (hyper retro beats and sound effects that are fun to hear)

Design: 10 (beautiful design that is a joy to play)

Story: 10 (runs through 20 years of game industry parodies)

Gameplay: 10 (so good you won’t want to set it down)

Value: 10 (the game takes a week or two to beat and has enough variations in storyline that you’ll want to play it again and again)

Overall: 10 (get it now!)