The Avengers Trailer

October 11, 2011

How to Succeed Sunday: Coffee Break

October 9, 2011

The fatigued workers rush to get their coffee break, only to find that Bud Frump got the last cup. Interestingly enough, Coffee Break is not in the movie, yet I found the above screenshot of it. I’ve included the current broadway version of Coffee Break below.

Boomerang Bros. Suit Announced for Super Mario 3D Land!

October 8, 2011


Nintendo recently confirmed a new suit for Super Mario 3D Land, the Boomerang Bros. suit! Little is known about it yet, but I’ll be sure to post details when I hear ’em.

Via GoNintendo.

Game Dev Story iOS Review

October 3, 2011

Pros: Practically flawless. My current favorite iOS game. Too addictive. Fantastic retro graphics and sound. Loads of replay value.

Cons: Missed opportunity for more creativity options (Yep, that’s all I can think of).

Comments: There is something so amazingly addictive about running an incredibly successful virtual game developer. Hiring and firing parodies of real people (I’ve had Stephen Jobsen, Shegeto Minamoto, Gilly Bates, and Walt Sidney as employees) is a feeling of content. I’ve played Game Dev Story to completion (a task that takes a couple of weeks) a good 5 times. I’ve played from periods of anywhere from a couple seconds to a couple hours at a time. It may be a $4 game, but there is play value here worth far more.

Graphics: 9 (excellent retro style that would feel right at home on your old Nintendo)

Sound: 10 (hyper retro beats and sound effects that are fun to hear)

Design: 10 (beautiful design that is a joy to play)

Story: 10 (runs through 20 years of game industry parodies)

Gameplay: 10 (so good you won’t want to set it down)

Value: 10 (the game takes a week or two to beat and has enough variations in storyline that you’ll want to play it again and again)

Overall: 10 (get it now!)

Quit your day job

October 3, 2011


A Whole Bunch of Reviews

October 3, 2011

Over the past few weeks, I’ve written reviews on my iPod during my spare time. I plan on dumping them all here very soon. Before I did I wanted to talk about my reviewing system. When I review a game, there are two main things I look at. I compare the game to other games of it’s sort on the same system and I value the game based on it’s price. For example, a $50 dollar Wii game is not going to be reviewed on the same scale as a $1 iOS game.

Well that’s pretty much it. Get ready for a review dump!

How to Succeed Sunday: Potter Plays Pierpont at the Tonys

October 2, 2011

Robert Morse and Matthew Broderick (the two previous J. Pierpont Finchs) introduce Daniel Radcliffe’s performance of Brotherhood of Man at the Tonys.

Weird Al: Polka Face

October 2, 2011

Lego Tower of Orthanc

October 1, 2011

This fantastic Lego model of the Ents attacking Isengard created by OneLUG has been moving about the internet for the past week or so and I figured it was high time I posted it. This amazing model of Orthanc includes an estimated over 22,000 bricks and weighs over 145 pounds. The battle raging below Orthanc includes a force of over 25 Ents and 100 Orc. There are so many amazing details to geek out over. I highly recommend exploring the gallery, it’s pretty amazing.

Via the Brothers Brick.

Lego 10223 Kingdoms Joust Announced

September 30, 2011

This epic new Lego Kingdoms set was just announced. Coming in January 2012, it will cost $119.99 and include 1,575 pieces. So many great elements to the set. Also, if you look closely, you’ll notice that the black knight is not a Kingdoms dragon knight, but a update to the classic Black Falcon knight. The gallery and press release are below.

10223_toppanel 10223_front_004 10223_front_005 10223_front_006 10223_front_007 10223_front_008 10223_front_001 10223_back_021 10223_back_020 10223_back_019 10223_back_018 10223_back_017 10223_back_016 10223_back_014 10223_back_013 10223_back_012 10223_back_011 10223_back_010 10223_back_009 10223_back_008 10223_back_007 10223_back_006 10223_back_005 10223_back_004 10223_back_003 10223_back_002 10223_back_001 10223_1to1

10223 Kingdoms Joust

Ages 12+. 1,575 pieces.

US $119.99 CA $149.99 DE 119.99 € UK 99.99 £ DK 1099.00 DKK AU 199.99 AUD

Watch the Knights battle it out at the Royal Joust!

It’s the most exciting event on the LEGO Kingdoms calendar! Join the King and Queen at the Royal Joust as the knights on horseback battle it out for the hand of the beautiful Princess. This detailed set recreates all the majesty of a medieval pageant, from the large, 6-roomed castle with linked wall extensions, 2 knights’ weapons tents, royal viewing box, jousting fence and of course 2 magnificent jousting horses. Combine 2 Kingdoms Joust sets for a scene that is truly fit for a King! Includes 9 minifigures: king, queen, princess, lion knight, falcon knight, young squire, nobleman and 2 soldiers.
• Includes 9 minifigures: king, queen, princess,, lion knight, falcon knight, young squire, nobleman and 2 soldiers!
• Knight minifigures include armor decoration, helmet, jousting pole, shield and 2 extra weapons!
• Features castle with 6 detailed rooms with lots of accessorie and 2 knight’s tents with weapon holders!
• Open back for easy access to linked wall extensions!
• Also features royal viewing box with flags and coat of arms!
• Includes 2 knight’s horses with detailed decoration, weapon holder and armored headgear!
• Explore the castle rooms!
• Battle it out for the hand of the princess!
• Combine 2 Kingdoms Joust sets for a scene fit for King!
• Castle measures 20″ (51 cm) wide and 12″ (30 cm) tall!

Via FBTB and the Brothers Brick.