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Club Nintendo Platinum Reward Announced

July 1, 2011

Club Nintendo’s platinum and gold rewards were announced this morning. Platinum members receive this 25 piece pin set while gold members will receive a 2012 table top calendar. Here is the description of the pin set.

Mario™ & Friends Pin Badge Collection

• Official Club Nintendo collection of 25 commemorative pins representing the world    of Super Mario Bros.™
• The pins come packaged in six specially created puzzle-like boxes that can be  arranged to represent Mario, Goomba, and Mushroom!
• Measures approx. 9.75” H x 9.5” W x 1.5” D (box set) and 1.38” D (each pin)

Only Five Days Left to Reach Elite Status on Club Nintendo

June 26, 2011

Make sure you input enough coins to reach a Elite Status (either Gold or Platinum). The two previous years Elite Status awards have been epic! 2009’s Platinum reward was either a official Mario hat or “Doc Louis’s Punch Out!” (an exclusive game) and 2010’s was a Mario statue. Both years Gold Status rewards have been exclusive calendars, which are great, but not as amazing as the Platinum rewards. Be sure to hurry though to get any status though, you only have until the 30th of this month to input those  surveys! Go to Club Nintendo now!