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Nikkei Confirms Project Cafe Touch Screen Controller?

June 3, 2011


Nikkei (a site that accurately “predicted” the DSi, DSi XL, and 3DS ) has “confirmed” that the Project Cafe controller that will have a 6-inch touch screen, a camera, and possibly double as a portable gaming device. Here is the summary of the subscription-only article.

– Includes a touch screen
– allows for tablet-like controls for games
– tap the touch screen to control the characters on your television
– can also be used as a portable game machine
– six inch screen
– built in rechargeable battery
– includes a camera
– camera can be used for a variety of play opportunities, for example, a player making an avatar of himself for use in a game
– due out in the later have of 2012

Via GoNintendo and Joystiq.


Another Project Cafe Camera Rumor

May 29, 2011


Earlier today, Wii 2 Blog ran the following story about Project Cafe having a front facing camera.

We recently ran a story discussing rumours that the Wii 2′s controller might have a front-facing camera. Now we have more information that seems to add a little more weight to those rumours.

In a quarterly results call, the company OmniVision hinted that they were getting ready to ship their 8-megapixel camera for use in a smartphone, possibly the Apple’s iPhone. The most interesting thing was that they hinted that they were also getting ready to supply cameras to a gaming console.

The console wasn’t named but it is unlikely to be for a Microsoft console because the next generation Xbox hasn’t even been announced, and OmniVision let it slip that it was for a console that would be ready in the next several months.

That pretty much leaves the NGP and the Wii 2. The NGP is definitely a possibility but then again Sony would probably use their own cameras. This leaves only the Wii 2.

I really like the idea of a front facing camera on Project Cafe’s remote, although I am curious how you would use it.

Via Wii 2 Blog.